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John Hemingway & Pheby Hardy Get Married

IJohn Hemingway 1777 Quaker marriage.jpg have just seen a scanned image of a Quaker Marriage entry - it’s brilliant.  The marriage is for John Hemingway of Bowling near Bradford, a weaver of deceased parents Charles & Martha Hemingway of Clifton near Hartshead to Pheby Hardy of Knaresborough.  The marriage took place 4 December 1775.  

Famous Hemingways

We’re often asked if there are other famous Hemingways as well as Ernest.  There are a few - some are related to Ernest, that is famous partially because of their connection, and there are others from other lines.  So there are :

First major website revision

The Hemingway One-Name Study website started back in 1996 hosted by Compuserve and later was given a marginal update to help cope with growth with more pages and its own domain name ( This version is the result of a significant reconstruction following a long period of few changes.  Hopefully, you will be able to navigate around easily, but if you encounter problems, please let me know.

What you can expect to find...

The navigation bars down the side of every page should be self explanatory or at least help you find what you need, but if all else fails, you could always try the “Search Box” which is located below the navigation bars on the left.

Clearly, you will have spotted that this summary page is being developed as other pages are completed and added.  Most pages have now been transposed from the old site to here but some are still “work in progress”.  I do however hope that the main reference pages are functioning.


There have been regular reunions held in Canada (strong family links with Hemingways from Purston Jaglin etc) and biennial gatherings in the UK in 2002, 2004, 2006 & 2008.  The latest Canadian reunion was Sat 11 July 2015 held in Hensall Park (Richmond Street W & Brock St), Ontario.

Hemingway News, Notes & Updates

Hemingway Genealogy

On these pages you can find details about the Hemingway One-Name Study that I am undertaking.  The site is intended to assist those with Hemingway connections or interests.  It describes my research into the name and its many variants and provides details about my own line and those that I have researched or that others have asked me to publish.  This is a venture that I have tackled with a great deal of support from others who have taken the time and trouble to exchange information with me.  If you have any Hemingway (or variants) interest, I would love to hear from you.

The site contains a wide variety of information about Hemingways, describes the progress with the Hemingway DNA Project and details of the Gatherings that are planned or have been held.  There is a guestbook where you can leave information or comments for others about your own research.

If you have a Hemingway interest, please do get in touch.

Hemingway variants

I know many people get quite upset if their name gets spelt wrongly.  The thing is, this is how most of the current variants have come about.  My own father’s birth certificate has two spellings on the one certificate for instance.

Over the years I have come across 117 spelling variations or close variants - some I think you would agree are just simple spelling errors that have been promulgated and some are more likely longer term mutations.  See “Variants” for more detail.